Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Ovaries are PISSED! (but cooperating :)

So... here we are, knee deep in the stimulation phase and we've had a revelation.  My right ovary works after all!!  It's sat there like a limp dick, cycle after cycle, shriveled and doing fuck all.  Lo and behold, add four parts Bravelle, one part Menapur to the mix and it wakes up, looks around shocked and we're off to the races!  That little fucker managed five whole follies yesterday, giving the workhorse lefty a run for its money!  Super exciting times here with the Goode gonads.  Estrogen doing well also; we didn't change a thing with my meds.  My body might actually be cooperating for once.

A quick note to those who follow for educational purposes... shots aren't shit!  The needle is so small, you don't feel it most of the time and when you do... it doesn't hurt.  The mixing part is actually fun.  Intra-musculars might (haven't had one yet) be a bit more of a pain but sub-cutaneous are easy as hell.  Do not let this be something that puts you off injectable cycles or IVF.  I do it myself because Adam came at me with a jabbing motion when he asked to do it and I told him to fuck right on off.  I may be odd... but it's the highlight of my day.  I think it's more knowing that we're really doing something productive now than the medical aspect but I'm sure that plays a part.  I really did get into the wrong field of work.

Anyway... to explain the title... when your ovaries are engorged with shit-tons of follies, versus their usual one or two large ones, they get pissed!  I feel them... frequently.  They pinch and pull and stab and let me know that they don't appreciate the extra workload.  Fuck um though... they deserve it.

So... day 5 ultrasound yields a show of 10 follies overall with more to come (hopefully).  Lets hope Saturday's appointment goes even better!


  1. THat is so great Misty!!! Can't wait to see how many more show up!

  2. Very happy to hear that Misty! I'm now addicted to your blog and will be seeing my RE tomorrow to discuss IVF and will hopefully start the process sometime this Fall. I look forward to your updates and all of your helpful information. Also good to hear about the needles. That was one thing that I wasn't looking forward to but hearing that I feel much better.

    1. Thanks for saying so! I often wonder if any of this is helpful or just offensive.

      Way to heighten the mystery with the "anonymous" handle by the way... I'm pretty sure I'll spend at least a few days wondering who you might be. :)